Radda is a strategic consultancy
focused on brand, communication
and engagement.

We work around the world, with
senior teams, to help organisations
become more focused, more loved
and more successful.

What We Do

It’s easy for companies to lose sight of the things that make them successful. That lack of clarity can weaken their brand and their performance.

Sometimes it takes an external view to see where the problems lie. That’s where Radda comes in. We help identify what’s stopping an organisation from being as successful as it can be.

We help define a clear role in the world and an ambition for every organisation. Then we help communicate it to staff and customers, and we help ensure it becomes fundamental to everything a company does.

What We Do


Our Approach


Issues we help our clients solve include:

  • clarity of brand definition or positioning
  • weak or inappropriate visual branding
  • understanding, engagement and behaviour internally
  • senior buy in and support
  • inconsistent customer experiences
  • communications and marketing strategies
  • clarity of messaging
  • weak agency relationships or skills

Our Approach

We believe that branding is not about a standard process, or a single solution. It’s about understanding what a company wants to achieve, what it has the potential to achieve, what’s stopping it, and what it needs.

We use tried and tested processes and models, but we don’t limit ourselves to these. We look at each problem afresh and we take the approach that is right for the client, the situation and the need. We combine science and creativity. Science because analysing an organisation’s issues and needs takes rigour, process and precision. Creativity because no problem is the same and the best solutions often come from unexpected places.

We give honest advice. Sometimes it might be uncomfortable or difficult to hear. But we believe that to help organisations be their best, we must be truthful.

We create practical solutions. We work with internal teams to put them in place. And we support organisations as they are implemented.

What We Do


Our Approach

Past clients

We have a great deal of experience – because we have been in the industry for over 20 years
– and have been responsible for the branding of some of the world’s leading companies.
Some of this work predates setting up Radda. Whilst we can’t claim ownership of these projects,
we do bring the experience of leading them to every project we work on.

Current and recent clients


Financial software company Exus was establishing a new London headquarters to service its increasingly international and prestigious clients. It needed to clarify and to raise the profile of its offer to support its ambitious vision.

Radda helped Exus to define its story and the idea that sat at the heart of the business. We found everything they did supplied the knowledge and resources to enable businesses to make informed decisions and to take intelligent action. We took this story and brought it to life across key pieces of communication. We simplified the brand architecture and we worked with design specialists Idea is Everything to create a powerful visual brand.

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The rights to the famous East India Company brand had been acquired by a visionary entrepreneur. He wanted to resurrect this ancient name and build a retail business around it. Luxury design specialists FourIV were brought in and they engaged Radda to define what the revived brand should stand for and how it should speak.

Research into the history of the company highlighted the problems of the brand – associations with slavery, opium, starvation, taxation and war. But it also showed how the company changed the world. creating new trade routes, bringing products to new markets, changing the taste and the commerce of the world. This was an aspect that could form the essence of the new brand.

Through a number of workshops Radda crystallised the idea into a single, simple phrase – remarkable connections. Every product produced by the company could emphasise this through a combination of unusual ingredients, techniques, or craftspeople. This created the brief for the design of the store, the products and the marketing materials.

Radda worked with the design team to ensure that remarkable connections was expressed throughout every aspect of the company. We also wrote the core marketing messages that accompanied the launch of the brand, as well as text for products and the web site.

  • the-east-india-company Image 1

Smith & Nephew
Creating and communicating
a clear offer

KLEOS is Smith & Nephew’s education brand. It provides services – from literature and lectures to practical experience and social events – to orthopaedic surgeons. Established four years ago it has grown rapidly, supporting surgeons around the world.

Radda found the rapid growth had caused KLEOS to lose focus. There was inconsistency in the way KLEOS was described and inconsistency in the understanding people had of the offer, both internally and externally.

Through a series of workshops, Radda created a clear, shared definition of KLEOS. We defined the key messages that each audience needed to take in, and the channels by which these messages could best be communicated.

Radda then created key communications materials for KLEOS to help establish the definition. This included new landing pages for the KLEOS website, a standard company presentation, the KLEOS story (for internal audiences) and a cascade communication programme for KLEOS ambassadors.

  • smith-nephew Image 1

ITU Telecoms World 2011
Branding a strategic event

ITU Telecom is the oldest part of the UN. Its annual conference and expo is an event attended by world and industry leaders, regulators, commentators and decision makers. In 2011 the organisers were keen that it regained the relevance and impact it once had. They saw brand as key to this.

Working with designers from the WHAM agency, Radda led the development of a communication based brand which helped to reinforce the aims of both the technology and the event itself. Using bold language and simple challenging statements we gave the event a voice and a view that had previously been lacking.

We worked with ITU and its suppliers to apply the brand across the entire event. From arrival at Geneva airport, to the outside of the exhibition centre, to every part of the venue and every part of the website, we created communications, signage and interiors that had real impact.

The brand was hugely successful. It gave ITU real presence at the event, raising its profile from organiser to a commentator and instigator of change in the industry. It was noticed and appreciated by attendees – and it raised the importance of brand for the industry.

  • itu-telecom Image 1
  • itu-telecom Image 2


Hurricane Exploration is a specialist oil company concentrating on the discovery and development of oil from fractured basement reserves. It had achieved a great deal in a short time, building an expert team and making some significant discoveries. The company was now at the stage where it needed a professional and powerful brand to support their growth and to enable their next round of funding.

Working with the WHAM agency Radda created the positioning, values and and messaging for the brand – the result of extensive research and interviews with experts inside and outside the company. This brand reflected the ambition and professionalism of Hurricane, as well as the direct, friendly and determined culture.

To support the upcoming series of funding roadshows Radda advised on the communications needed – including writing the corporate brochure. We also worked to ensure the staff handbook fully reflected the culture and brand of the organisation.

  • hurricane Image 1
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Raffles Hotels & Resorts

Raffles Singapore is one of the world’s most iconic hotels. Steeped in history, stories and atmosphere, it rightly has a reputation for the quality of service and the experience it brings to its guests. But the Raffles Group had grown and some nine hotels bore its name. The Group needed to make sure that all of these were united by a single, shared idea and way of behaving – one that drew on the qualities of the founding hotel, but was made relevant to each property.

Radda guided the leadership team through a programme of research and strategy. We arrived at a powerful definition for Raffles – one that united both hotels and staff. Raffles is an Oasis for the Well Travelled. This idea and the values we defined became the driver for a refreshed brand. Alongside a beautiful look and feel created by FourIV, Radda worked with Raffles HR to develop new training materials to ensure all staff understood their role in delivering the brand. We reviewed and refreshed key communications – including the website – and created a brand architecture for all future additions to the portfolio. The brand is now being rolled out across the Group.

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Our Team

We are a specialist team focused on brand strategy. We bring brand, change management, internal engagement and marketing skills to our clients.

We use our extensive network to bring in the additional skills – whether individuals or companies – needed to deliver exactly what projects demand. The beauty of this arrangement is that we are never trying to sell in skills our clients don’t need – and we can focus on what is really important.

Our directors are:

Mark Radda - founder and lead strategist

Dawn Arnold - behavioural strategist


Mark Radda is a brand and communication strategist with over 20 years’ branding, marketing and change management experience. He has advised some of the world’s biggest organisations. He leads every Radda team.

Mark has helped organisations around the world create powerful new brands, re-energise tired and dated brands, and find new opportunities for brands that have lost their relevance.

He works closely with CEOs and their teams to help them clarify their ambition and their brand. He then works across the entire organisation to ensure it is effectively understood, supported and acted upon. He also works to ensure that all communication and behaviour supports it.

Mark spent 12 years at Wolff Olins where he led the branding of organisations including Sony Ericsson, Manpower, British Sky Broadcasting, and London 2012 to name but a few. He now has his own company which works directly with clients around the world and supplies strategic support and communications expertise to some of the world’s leading brand and design agencies.

In addition to his corporate role, Mark lectures and coaches at the Cambridge University Judge Business School as part of their MBA programme. He is also a frequent speaker at executive education events as well as industry conferences.

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